Tuesday, June 25, 2013

(Stories That Matter)

L and K Enterprises stands for Liz and Kids and is the parent company for the writing projects of Elizabeth Moult. 

It is called that because Liz's children help with IT support, public relations, marketing and creative input.

L and K Enterprises Creative Division: 

L and K Publications (Elizabeth's novels) and

L and K Productions (Elizabeth's screenplays)


L and K Publications

Links to all of Liz's novels are located here:  


L and K Productions

If you are a producer interested in Liz's screenplays, then please message Elizabeth at 


Between the years of 2000 and 2010 Liz's computer was hacked into by Joan Oliver of R.C.M.P and she gave Rose Hustins access to all of my files.

Rose, without my permission or consent, handing out all of my intellectual property to producers without securing the rights nor using my name.

She refuses to provide me with a list of what intellectual property was given away,,denied everything but eventually confessed to doing it.

I'm not sure who else had access to my files at this time.

I asked everyone on several occasions to stay out of my files but every request over the years was ignored.  I even have a message on all of my computers about.

Copyright laws are such that if you write something then you own the intellectual rights to it, it's that plain and simple and no copyright number or registry can change that fact.

Moral laws should apply in superiority over legal laws.

Thank you to family and friends who helped with computer supplies, paper and ink. 

Thanks to all the many people in the literary business who help with free newsletters and teleconferences, and the many instructors who work in the industry. I am the creative author that I am because of you.